Our Concern


In line with our vision and mission, ZeipNET commits to strengthen the production, sharing and use of research and knowledge in Zimbabwe and the region so as to ensure that research and knowledge can be used to inform and influence national and regional development initiatives. ZeipNET will leverage on its existing and new local and international partners including research institutes and the academia, government bodies and parliaments. It will also strengthen its engagement with civil society, media and public bodies who both produce and use research and knowledge in development. Through capacity development, convening, influencing and working in partnership ZeipNET will draw from its experience and networks to address change at the following levels:

  • Individual level (change in attitudes, skills, knowledge and behaviour)
  • Institutional level (process and systems)
  • Inter-personal level (the nature and strength of relationships, shared visions and understandings)
  • Ecosystem level (the broader research and policy environment)



  • Training and sensitising of high level policy makers and support staff of government departments, parliaments and other public bodies to access, appraise and use research and evidence systematically.
  • Strengthening institutional processes of government departments, parliament and other public bodies through targeting policies and behaviours around research and evidence.
  • Providing spaces of engagement and promoting dialogue between researchers, national decision makers and other non state actors to ensure effective production, dissemination and use of evidence in policy making and development.